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Notice of test launch of In-Store Purchase Service

Thank you very much for using 8mart.

We have received several requests from our customers to purchase at store, so we will test-launch the in-store purchase service for a limited time.

Period: Dec 10th, 2021 (Fri) -Jan 14th, 2022 (Fri)
Location: 23 wards in Tokyo(東京23区内) or Osaka city in Osaka(大阪市内)
Service fees: Arrangement fee: ¥2,000 / day
Specified time purchase: ¥500 Time charge: ¥3,000 / hour (Even within 1 hour, it is counted as 1 hour.)
- Included in the above fees: Transportation costs for public transportation related to purchases at multiple stores, domestic shipping fees from Osaka to Tokyo
- Excluded in the above fees: Item price, 8mart basic service fee, Taxi and car rental costs, Admission fees

Advantages of using the service:
- You can get items that are sold out or sold at premium prices in online stores at retail prices.
- You can request us to visit as many stores as you like for the same price within the specified time limit. - You can get items immediately.

- The service is now open on a trial basis. The service may be terminated before the termination period.
- You are required to deposit the item prices, arrangement fee and 3 hours time charge in advance. If we cancel your request, we will fully refund.
- We do not guarantee the purchase of the requested items. In such cases, item prices and unused time charges will be refunded.
- The starting point for time calculation is from Shibuya station in Tokyo, and from Umeda station in Osaka.
- The range that can be accepted is limited to the range that can be held with both hands within 5.0 kg within 5 hours.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions.