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[8mart recently received product] 【19】リバティ ★レア生地★ラミネート☆ハローキティ★108×50 cm

【19】リバティ ★レア生地★ラミネート☆ハローキティ★108×50 cm

[8mart recently received product] NMB48 ナンバトル2 直筆サイン チェキ 李始燕

NMB48 ナンバトル2 直筆サイン チェキ 李始燕

[8mart recently received product] Jujutsu Kaisen Kugisakino Rose Collaboration Bag

Jujutsu Kaisen Kugisakino Rose Collaboration Bag

[8mart recently received product] D&G Fur Jacket

D&G Fur Jacket


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We charge only JPY 500 per purchased item as a service fee. This is our flat rate for all items.

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8mart Japan corresponds to every Japanese online shop. You can add items in a shopping cart and save shipping fee.

Thorough support

Our professional members will support you until you receive the goods safely.

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