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Notice of Completion of UK VAT Registration

Thank you very much for using 8mart.

We would like to announce that our application for UK VAT registration, which was submitted in December, was approved by HM Revenue & Customs yesterday.

Our VAT Registration Number: 402296815

You can check our VAT number is officially registered from here.

This will allow us to comply with UK tax laws and expedite the customs clearance process for shipments destined for customers residing in the UK.
Due to a miscommunication with the local agent, there were dozens of transactions in that we did not collect VAT from our customers properly.

Regarding these transactions, we will surely pay the correct VAT amount at our expense.
(We have chosen an annual tax return, so the due date has not arrived yet.)

We apologize to all UK residents and to the UK government for any inconvenience caused by our mistake.