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Notification of cases where email is not sent from 8mart as of May 24th

Thank you very much for always using 8mart.


Currently, due to the rapid increase in the number of Members to 8mart and the increase in the number of transactions per day, we have reached the upper limit of the number of emails that can be sent in 24 consecutive hours, and may not have sent emails to some of our customers.

We are currently discussing measures and alternatives with our email service provider.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and ask for your cooperation.

You may not receive the email from us, but you can check the status of all transactions by logging in to 8mart.


- Account registration: If you do not receive an email for email verification, please try again after a while.

- Item request: You can check the status of our proposals via the notification button.

- Orders: You can check your order history from Order Overview in My Page.

- Arrival Notice at our warehouse: You can check your item status from Shipment management in My Page.

- Parcel ready for shipping: You can check your shipping info via the notification button.


If you contact us using our contact form, you may not be able to receive a reply for the above reason.

If you have any inquiries, please make an item request and inquire from the message window that appears after making an item request.


(Update on May 29th)

We have confirmed the situation that the mail did not arrive from 15:24 to 16:21(JST) and at around 17:05(JST) on the 24th, but after that, as far as we know, the situation that the mail does not arrive has not been confirmed.

Therefore, we think that it may be a temporary system trouble on the email delivery service provider side.

If you have any problems, we would appreciate it if you could report it.