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[Important] Notice regarding our services for the rapid increase in the number of orders

Thank you very much for always choosing 8mart.

Thankfully, we are currently receiving many orders from our customers.

We have excellent team members and work as hard and efficiently as possible, but the number of orders is increasing at a pace that far exceeds the increase in team members, and it may take longer to respond than before.

Currently, we are working on the following time schedule.

- Item proposal: Within 2 days after receiving an item request
- Order: Within 2 days after receiving an order
- Item receipt: Within 2 days after arrival at our warehouse
- Packing: Within 3 days after all the items requested for shipment received (it may take longer if there are many items in a shipment request)
- Shipping: Within 3 business days after confirming payment of the international shipping fee (it may take longer if there are many items in a shipment request)

We strive to provide services as quickly as possible, so please kindly refrain from sending any sort of reminder messages.

Also, we would like to list the answers of FAQ here.
Q. I cannot register an account.
A. Please try again on a different browser or device.

Q. Can you ship by FedEx or Japan Post’s sea mail?
A. We only ship by Japan Post’s air freights or DHL.


Q. Is it possible to under-report the declared value?
A. We do not under-report the declared value as it is illegal in Japan.

Q. Can I pay via PayPal?
A. Our system is linked only with Stripe, and in principle we ask you to pay via a card. Our payment service provider supports almost all of famous card brands such as VISA, Master, JCB and AMEX.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.