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Notes on ordering products from Amazon Japan

Thank you for always using 8mart.
As you all know, Amazon is a world-famous marketplace, and on Amazon Japan you can find a lot of great products that are only sold in Japan. They are sold at a reasonable price compared to other e-commerce sites, and there are benefits for customers such as next-day delivery and free domestic shipping.

However, there have been some policy changes in regards to how items are packaged for domestic shipment as well as a change in return policies. We'd like to notify all our customers about the changes and also have you keep in mind when placing an order. 

1. Simple packaging has been implemented out of consideration for the environment
Click here for the news release. (There is also a video with English subtitles in the news release.)

If for example, you place an order for a small keyring or book, from now on they will be delivered to the 8mart warehouse in a very thin paper envelope. From our experience, there have been incidents where items have arrived slightly damaged due to the simplified packaging. 

Please refer to the photo below for the actual paper envelope it will be delivered in.

2. An implementation of an even stricter return policy 
In the past, Amazon has had a generous return policy for customers, but have recently restricted the product genres that can be returned.

Please see the Return Policies below for details.

If during inspection at the 8mart warehouse we notice your product is damaged, we will try to return it. However, please note that if you purchase a product that falls under one of the above genres you may not be eligible for a return even if the item is damaged during the domestic delivery.

As of today, October 12th, orders placed with Rakuten will still be packaged securely for domestic shipping.