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Notes on ordering products via 8mart

Thank you for always using 8mart.

We are committed to providing satisfactory service and conduct inspections as part of our basic service.
If we detect any defects, we will contact either the seller or our customer as appropriate to resolve the issue promptly. Our proactive approach has successfully prevented many problems, and we take pride in this accomplishment.

However, it's important to note that our inspection services are performed on a "best efforts" basis. As we are not authorized distributors of the products you order, we do not verify product authenticity or guarantee that the condition or contents of the products match the provided information. As stated in Article 12.3 of our Terms of Service that you agree to, we, Habibi, Inc. bear no responsibility for any issues related to this.

We advise you to verify the authenticity of products before placing your order. Should you have concerns about a transaction, such as questionable seller ratings, prices significantly lower than market prices, or inaccurate product information or images, we recommend not proceeding with the purchase. If you're unable to authenticate a product, we suggest buying it from an official shop or authorized distributor.

In the event that you discover a product is counterfeit after your purchase, please contact us immediately with concrete evidence of the counterfeit. While refunds are subject to the seller and e-commerce marketplace's terms of service, and thus cannot be guaranteed by us at the point of contact, we are committed to integrity and will do our utmost to assist you.
Please note, if solid evidence is not provided or if there are attempts to hold us accountable for the counterfeit product, we may terminate customer support and, in some cases, suspend your account.

We may also report the seller to the e-commerce platform or file a police report if necessary.

We value your continued support and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.