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8mart Authenticate Service Overview and Terms of Use

Service details
Following the inspection of product conditions at 8mart, items will be sent to partner facilities for offline authentication. Products that pass the authentication will be accompanied by SEES tags and an English warranty certificate, exclusive to this service.

Note: In some cases, we may be unable to attach the tag depending on the product’s form.

Target products
We authenticate products from over 5,500 brands, including apparel, accessories, jewelry, and sneakers, with a primary focus on luxury brands. For a list of brands we authenticate, please visit: Brand List.

Please contact us for authentication inquiries regarding brands not listed.

Service Fee
- ¥2,000 per single item
As a trial, if you purchase a single item worth ¥30,000 or above, the 8mart Authenticate service is available for free. If you purchase items below ¥30,000, or bundle items, a fee of ¥2,000 per single item will apply.
* Online authentication requests are also available at the same fee.

Authentication Processing Time
- Offline(Complete) Authentication: 3-5 days after arrival at our warehouse
- Online(Quick) Authentication: 1-2 days after arrival at our warehouse.

The following benefits will be included as part of the business partnership.
- When you purchase items from shops other than those operated by RINKAN, and they are confirmed as genuine as a result of the authentication, they will come with an authentication tag and an English warranty certificate.
(If you prefer a Japanese warranty certificate, we can provide a Japanese certificate instead of the English one.)
- When you purchase items from shops operated by RINKAN, you will receive an authentication tag and an English warranty certificate at no additional cost.
* Should you not require an authentication tag or warranty certificate for offline authentication, or if you prefer a Japanese warranty certificate, please notify us in advance. Unless specific instructions are provided, we will include an authentication tag and an English warranty certificate.

How to Use
Kindly submit the item URL via our Item Request Form or contact page. After confirmation of eligibility, please proceed with the purchase. Once the product verified as authentic at partner facilities is returned to the 8mart warehouse, we will notify you of the warehouse arrival through email and notifications on 8mart, just as we do for regular orders.

How to Check Authentication Results
Please check results on the SEES BY RINKAN "Serial Search(シリアル検索)" page using the 12-digit serial number.

Terms of Service and Notes
- 8mart’s authentication service differs from trademark owners’ authenticity verification. 
- Neither 8mart or RINKAN is affiliated or endorsed by any of the brands eligible for authentication.
- The results will be provided based on RINKAN’s own criteria. The independent opinion will be limited to verifying the authenticity of the item submitted by the seller. We are unable to provide any details regarding the assessment criteria, reasons for the judgment, etc.
- 8mart takes no part, stance, or responsibility in relation to the authentication results conducted by RINKAN. 
- Once the authentication service has been requested, it cannot be canceled for any reason.
- Even for authenticatable brands, we may not be able to verify the authenticity of certain items such as those without brand tags, quality labels, items received as purchase incentives, or signed items. In such cases, we will provide a response stating that the product’s authenticity is “undeterminable.”
- If an item is determined as non-genuine or undeterminable, we will attempt to return it to the seller; however, we cannot guarantee a definite return.
- If we are able to return the item, the cancellation fee and authentication fee will be applied as cancellation charges.
- For returns or cancellations due to significant differences in the condition of the product, the authentication fee will not be charged.
- If an order is canceled before the item is shipped by the seller, no cancellation fees will apply.
- Due to offline authentication, notifications of arrival to 8mart’s warehouse may be delayed by approximately 3–5 days. You may also request online authentication at the same cost. While this option provides faster results within 1–2 days compared to offline authentication, SEES tags and English warranty certificates will not be included.
- For bundled products (including those consisting of two or more of the same item), a separate authentication fee is applicable for each single item. Please note that we cannot accept authentication for select items within a bundle.
- While the service is available for many websites, please note that certain platforms such as Yahoo! Auction, Yahoo! Flea Market, and Yahoo! Shopping are excluded from our authentication service.
- Authentication may be possible for recently introduced brands, even if they are not included in the list.
- This service is currently being offered as a trial operation. There may be minor changes when it is fully launched. Please also be aware that the service may be subject to changes or termination without prior notice.