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Notice to Customers Ordering Products from Mercari

Thank you for always using 8mart.

On April 16, 2024, a post concerning a Mercari purchasing agent spread rapidly on X (formerly Twitter). According to the post, a certain agent received a product shipped via regular mail from a Mercari seller and forwarded it to a customer in China without opening it for inspection. When the customer posted a video of opening the package on "Xiaohongshu(RED)," a Chinese social media platform, the personal information of the Mercari seller was leaked. Our investigation has confirmed that this issue is not limited to just one agent but occurs across multiple agents.

In response, Mercari sellers using X have posted that they will cancel all sales to purchasing agents, which could increase the likelihood of cancellations of products we purchase on behalf of our customers. This issue could potentially expand to other flea market sites and auction sites.

To avoid such problems, please note the following:
- Choosing a Safe Shipping Method: We recommend purchasing products that use anonymous shipping services such as Fast Mercari Mail and Easy Mercari Mail. These methods protect the seller's personal information and reduce the likelihood of order cancellations.

- Using Reliable Purchasing Agents: Although this incident was triggered by a video on the Chinese social media platform "Xiaohongshu(RED)," focusing on agents shipping to the Chinese market, we have observed similar issues with agents shipping to other regions as well. If you use an agent that may leak personal information of Mercari sellers to customers living abroad, your personal information could also be at risk. If you are concerned about a service, we recommend checking unboxing videos on YouTube and choosing an agent that strictly handles personal information.

We, 8mart, strictly manage personal information. If we purchase products containing personal information from Mercari sellers, we take the utmost care to prevent any leakage. When we dispose of paper containing personal information, we either shred it using a commercial shredder or, in the case of adhesive paper that cannot be shredded, arrange for collection by a specialized company designated by the local government.

We also strictly manage the personal information of our customers and use it only for specific purposes such as transactions, payment processing, delivery, and marketing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.