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What’s Included in our Basic Service Fee; 8mart Japan’s FREE Services

What’s Included in our Basic Service Fee; 8mart Japan’s FREE Services

Free you say? Yes, you heard right! Today we will introduce you to the free services you may or may not be aware of that are included in our 500 yen basic service fee when you choose 8mart Japan as your shopping proxy for Japan! Other proxies will often nickel and dime you for every additional service such as inspection, consolidation, or secure packing, but not at 8mart Japan.


1. Free Item Proposal

Know exactly what you want but can’t seem to find a website that sells it? Not sure what the Japanese name is for the item you want? 8mart Japan offers free item proposals! We will do our best and try and see if the item you’re requesting is available online.

Please keep in mind that the item we propose may not be within your budget.

* While we do our best to accommodate everybody’s needs if you submit many requests at once we reserve the right to limit the number of proposals we can give you.

2. Free Quick Inspection

Every item that arrives at the 8mart Japan warehouse is inspected as carefully as possible by our staff! Our inspection process has prevented many cases in which our customers receive items that are different from those shown on the sales page or in significantly different conditions.

* Please understand that we cannot guarantee that the inspection will always prevent any problems that may arise, such as incorrect quantity or color, scratches, dirt, or damage that were not described on the sales page, malfunction, counterfeit or non-genuine products.

* If more than 25 pieces are included in a single item, the inspection process will be left up to the discretion of 8mart Japan.

3. Free 45 Days Storage

You can store your items at the 8mart Japan warehouse for up to 45 days for free! This will give you ample time to make multiple orders and have them all consolidated together.

After 45 days, you can extend the storage period to 90 days by paying an extension storage fee.

4. Free Consolidation

We know there are other competitors out there that charge you to consolidate packages but not at 8mart! Whether they are from the same order or different orders FREE! With free consolidations, you are able to save on international shipping fees.

5. Free Secure Packing and "Handle with Care" Sticker

We take pride in packing every box we send out with the utmost care so that all your items inside get safely delivered to you. We understand that once packages leave our warehouse they can be thrown around or manhandled. On each package, we place not just 1 but 2 “Handle with care” stickers free of charge.

* If you order fragile items and request additional packing, we offer a separate optional service.

Like always with 8mart Japan there are no extra fees tacked on, and we are always transparent with our fees, so no worries about any hidden fees!

Other service providers may charge you around a 3.5% non-refundable settlement fee when topping up your wallet balance, but 8mart Japan doesn’t!

If you choose not to use any of our other optional services and place your order within the duty-free range, you’ll only have to pay the following at a minimum:

- The price of the product as shown online

- 8mart’s basic service fee

- International shipping fee based on the size of your order after packing


We hope to shop with you sometime soon!