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Which proxy undervalues packages?

* The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness of the issue of under-declaration for customs purposes. 8mart is always committed to complying with the laws of each country and does not engage in under-declaration.

If you live in a country that imposes high import duties on importing goods, you've probably done a little research on under-declaring your packages.

In most countries, if you import goods over a certain amount, you have to pay import duties at the time of import, which is no fun at all. Who wouldn't want to not have to worry about how much you'll have to pay in import duties?

However, purchasing goods from a business that habitually under-declares with the under-declared values, is not only a violation of customs law but also comes with several other disadvantages, including:

- Limitations on compensation: If your package encounters problems in transit, remember that compensation is limited to the declared value. Under-declaring can mean a significant financial loss if something goes wrong.

- Customs scrutiny: Habitual under-declaration can be red flagged by customs officials. This can result in delayed shipments, thorough inspections, or even the return of your items to the sender.

- Potential penalties: In serious cases, consistent under-declaration can result in fines or import bans for importers, or fines or export bans for the exporting company, affecting your ability to receive your items. Be aware that your goods may subject to customs investigations months or even years after receipt. At such times, it's unlikely that the seller who under-declared the value will take responsibility.

While it may be true that the total payment amount may appear to be lower when buying from a company that under-declares at first glance, buying goods from a company that always declares correctly reduces the risk of running into any avoidable problems and simply makes for a smoother overall transaction for both parties.

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