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Notice to Customers in EU Countries, Northern Ireland, Norway, and Switzerland

Thank you for always using 8mart.

The European Union, Northern Ireland, Norway, and Switzerland (collectively referred to as "EUs" for convenience) have implemented a new customs pre-arrival security program supported by a comprehensive advanced cargo information system, Import Control System 2 (ICS2).
ICS2 is a new IT system designed to collect pre-arrival data on all shipments entering the EUs.
It was first introduced for some air cargo on March 15, 2021, and will be implemented for all air cargo from March 1, 2023.

We, Habibi, Inc. have conducted shipments with staff with specialized knowledge and have not faced any cases of import refusals or returns due to our reasons, but there is a possibility that inquiries to our customers in EUs or to us via the post office or shipping service providers may increase in the future.

In order to ensure that your order is processed smoothly, we ask that you confirm before placing your order whether or not the goods you are ordering can be imported into your country and that you keep the following information about your order available at all times so that we can provide the information promptly in the event of an inquiry from the post office or shipping service provider of your choice.

- Proof of purchase of the goods listed on the invoice
(1. Receipts of your purchase from sent from a email address, 2. Card payment details)
- The purpose of the goods you are ordering
- The material of the goods